Shirts and Skins—Accessories for Men in 2014

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Shirts and Skins—Accessories for Men in 2014

What used to be a fashion faux pas is now a major trend in men’s fashion. In 2012, we saw a come back in accessories for men that stayed through to 2013, and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon in 2014. Gone is the monotony of the cufflinks and timepieces and in come the bracelets and “mangles”. From metal, to beads, to woven, to nautical—we’ve seen it all—accompanied with the rainbow coloured pants and shirts, and schoolboy blazers. But for those who aren’t as bold, there’s always the leather option. What’s great about leather is that men are already accustomed to wearing it on their wrists in the form watchstraps; therefore leather bracelets are an easy and natural progression into the vast world of accessories. Moreover, leather seems to manifest masculinity, its refined structure and versatility makes it easy to be worn both casually and formally.
When choosing pieces, neutral shades like brown and black are best. It can be integrated to add a little personality to a well-tailored suit, or can be incorporated to an everyday white tee and slim-fit jeans for an edgy look. A leather bracelet is also a great foundation piece to create a stacked look (“mangles”) on any wrist. It compliments all timepieces, while pairing well with all other masculine approved accessories.

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