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Behind the scenes POM collection

Behind the Scenes: Summertime photoshoot and a sneak-peek at our new collection
After a long and depressing winter of ice storms and sub-zero temperatures, we’ve finally put away the parkas and the heavy-duty boots, for our chucks and the beautiful weather. Out with the scarves and gloves, and in with the mangles (man bangles) and the boho-chic accessories.
Here at Armoir headquarters, we’ve been working diligently over the past few months to celebrate this happy occasion with new designs and arm candy to make your mittens jealous.
Our new POM collection features, of course, the pomegranate. This ancient fruit holds spiritual power symbolizing fertility, prosperity, and ambition. The made-in-Canada stainless steel pieces with hand-made poms of red glass is sure to be a favourite in your accessories collection and a source of good luck. A special thanks to our beautiful model, our talented photographer Shantimix, and Cyclone Creative team for their careful attention, time, studio space, and expertise to make our vision a reality. Their support and friendship has been invaluable. Stay tuned for the official release of our photos to see how we styled the POM along with some of our favourite pieces from our other collections, but until then, here’s a sneak peek.

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