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Tales from travelling Merchant

TALES FROM THE TRAVELLING MERCHANT one of our staff members has currently left us for an extended pilgrimage in Armenia.
In an age of statement pieces of faux leather, faux fur, imitation pearls, copper, and fake diamonds, I think it’s very important to know what kind of materials you are placing on your body. Let’s face it, we’ve all owned faux leather jackets that smell like rubber and sound like flatulence when rubbed together, rings that cause your finger to turn green, and earrings that make your ears swell up, or those necklaces that make you break out into a horrible rash. Yes, they say beauty is pain, but why should your accessories be?
My parents’ generation and those before would receive jewellery that was handed down to them from generation to generation. They were regalia pieces of real gold, diamonds, and rubies, and although the people wearing the pieces changed over the years, the pieces remained the same bearing intimate stories of our past and those before us.
The one thing I love most about our jewellery is that we only use natural materials. From our signature genuine cowhide leather, to our pearls, glass beads, stainless steel, and silver—you’ve heard us say this often, but we are proud that each material used to put together your Armoir masterpiece is created by skilled craftsman. Of course, it’s not an accident that we work with leather; handicraft is in our blood. The oldest leather shoe in the world was found in Armenia dating back to 3500 B.C, and despite being hidden for 5000 years, it seems to be in good condition.
Being here in Armenia, I understand more than ever where our craftsman and designers get their inspiration. You can’t help but fall in love with this place, its beauty and richness comes from its natural landscape. It’s mountainous terrain with free-flowing rivers, and its greenery as far as the eye can see hold stories of our past, live in the moment of our present, and hold the key to our future. Just like my family’s heirlooms and the oldest leather shoe, it has stood the test of time and remained relatively unchanged through it all. This is our vision; this is what we want for our pieces.

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